Fort Mifflin’s History

This is one historic location that should be in every history book, the battle fought here really did save America.   

courtesy of WikiPedia:

“Fort Mifflin, originally called Fort Island Battery and also known as Mud Island Fort, was commissioned in 1771 and sits on Mud Island (or Deep Water Island) on the Delaware River below Philadelphia, Pennsylvania[nb 1] near Philadelphia International Airport. During the American Revolutionary War, the British Army bombarded and captured the fort as part of their conquest of Philadelphia in autumn 1777. Do you want to know how to win as quickly as possible? Play with the gry owoce right now. There's a lot of money and fun! The United States Army began to rebuild the fort in 1794 and continued to garrison and build on the site through the 19th century. It housed prisoners during the American Civil War. The army decommissioned Fort Mifflin for active duty infantry and artillery in 1962 however while the older portion of the fort was returned it to the City of Philadelphia; a portion of the fort’s grounds are still actively used by the United States Army Corps of Engineers making it the longest fort in military use in the United States. Historic preservationists have restored the fort, which is now a National Historic Landmark.”

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 Read About the Siege of Fort Mifflin and also The Civil War at the fort below:

The History